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C.Wonder increases conversion rates with inSparq


Conversion Rate


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C.Wonder stores are fun and full of surprises with live DJs, motorbikes, pogo sticks, and dancing flash mobs that make every customer’s shopping experience special. They wanted to create an equally fun and dynamic ecommerce site. They asked inSparq to help and rolled out the Social Merchandising Suite. They found users that engaged with the Social Merchandising Suite saw a 2X lift in conversion rates and a 3X increase in social sharing.

‘’It’s a big step toward making the user experience more social. The Social Merchandising Suite allows customers to discover our product assortment through other customers’ social and commerce interactions. It’s a popular feature on our site.”


Katherine Brodie
Director of Ecommerce, C. Wonder

The Social Merchandising Suite


Trending Products Feed

Create landing pages, optimized category pages, gift guides or community hubs based on trending products.


Trending Products Modules

Showcase trending products anywhere on your site including on your homepage, categories, and in email.


Sharing and Rewards

Turn your customers into brand advocates with our comprehensive sharing and rewards platform.

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In inSparq’s case, it means using social media tools to help discover things, making it the next generation of search.

Ingrid lunden, TechCrunch

They're seeing better results than Zappos.

Owen Thomas, Business Insider

Social discovery provides merchants with the opportunity to enhance the retail experience for shoppers by helping them and their friends discover new products.

Paul Chaney, PracticalEcommerce

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