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My great experience on air fryer

My weakness is fried food, I’ve always known that. I’m dying for going on a diet but it seems never works to me. I’ve tried everything to lose weight but I just can not resist the attractiveness of fried foods. Until one day, accidentally I read an air fryer review on the internet and my life changes.

Air Rapid Technology: The air fryer uses this technology to cook food, it confused me for the first time. How could “air” cooks food thoroughly? I’ve learned that the hot air is going around the food in a very high speed thanks to the exhaust fan above the cooking chamber. This fan plays an important role to create airflow, helps food to be done from all sides without getting burnt. By using just air to heat up, there is no using pouring so much oil to fry the food. Just a single layer of oil around the surface of the food, everything is cooked perfectly. To sum up, it use hot air, heat and a single layer of oil on your food as a combination to cook your food done thoroughly.

Although I read a lot of good air fryer review on the internet, asking my friends for opinions, I still not believe that much. When I come to one of my friend’s house, I tried an experiment to compare the difference between it and traditional cooking appliance.

I used a gas cooker to cook a pan full of oil to fry chicken, my friend use an air fryer with a table spoon of oil to cook the same dish. While I struggle with the heat coming from the oil at the kitchen, my friend set time for the it and go to the living room to watch TV. I didn’t remember how long it was, but my food was not ready and I was sweating all over, my friends came back happily with the stunning dish of chicken, no hassle, no effort, no sweating. The it even not caused as much smell as my pan did in the kitchen.

We put both dishes of chicken on the table, there is almost no difference. They were all in that attractive yellow, crispy layer of skin, smelt so good as it had never been before. I started to believe to all the review I had read on the internet before. Why don’t we buy such a wonderful and convenient gadget? It brings you healthy food, economic meals, clean and safe environment!