The inSparq Social Commerce Accelerator (SCA)

Posted May 02, 2012 by inSparq


***The inSparq Social Commerce Accelerator has now ended. For the complete recap, see weeks below:








The inSparq Social Commerce Accelerator is a 10-week risk-free program where we work with established retailers, brands and eCommerce sites to revive their social commerce efforts and drive sales lift starting May 2012.
Participants will receive the free software, services, social media monitoring & compliance, as well as hands-on support from the most innovative social technology and marketing companies. Its the first accelerator of its kind designed to learn from new cutting edge social media technologies that will allow participants to further advance their eCommerce platforms.


The Social Commerce Accelerator is an innovative program that taps into the new era of social commerce. This program has been created to address a number of issues facing e-commerce companies like yours:
      1. Customer acquisition is increasingly competitive and costs continue to rise


      1. It has never been easier for your customers to comparison shop with your competitors


    1. Social networking channels are now mature and retailers want to leverage these channels


Using cutting edge technologies and leading community engagement strategies, we will be working with chosen companies to make it effortless to acquire new customers through social networks. The Accelerator will work with those selected to build a self-sustaining social action plan customized for their business, so that they can enjoy the same rewards as leading social commerce companies like and Beachmint.

View the Accelerator schedule here

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