What is inSparq and what does inSparq do?

inSparq is a referral marketing company dedicated to Social Commerce. We help our clients acquire new customers at near zero incremental costs.

How does inSparq do that?

inSparq offers a sharing and analytics widget. The sharing component incentivizes online shoppers to share products with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, SMS and email. The analytics component helps online retailers analyze that sharing activity. The analytics give you important information like shares, clicks, referrals and sales from referrals. It also gives you insight into your individual influencers: who they are, what they purchase and the customer lifetime value of their referrals.

Sounds Great. How do I install your tool?

Send us an email at support@insparqinc.com and we will get back to you with instructions. If you built your store on Shopify, you can find us here.

How long does the installation take?

If you developed your store on Shopify or Magento, installing takes as little as 5 minutes! If you developed your store on other platforms, the process might take a little longer. Don’t worry! We are here to help.

I’ve installed your tool, I am not seeing any results.

Installing the tool is easy. Maximizing your results, however, will take longer. Doing simple things can drastically change your results. (Measure the impact via your analytics tool!) Consider the following:

– Where have you placed your widget? We have have found that placing the widget under the product name leads to the best results. If the widget is below the fold, customers often won’t see it and therefore won’t share!

– Are you incentivizing your customers? Sometimes customers will share simply because they want to. Most of the time, however, they need a little push. Offers like “Share and receive Free Shipping” or “Share to earn 5% off” help.

– How is your copy? People respond differently to similar, but separate statements. e.g. “Buy one get one FREE” vs “Get 50% off”. To the retailer, these statements are mathematically the same. Online shoppers, however, tend to react better to the first statement. Not sure if your copy will relate to your customers? Test it!

How do I move the widget?

Those of you that have a basic understanding of HTML can visit http://docs.insparq.com/ to answer all of your installation and customization questions.

Moving the widget is simple. Copy the following code and paste it on your product template page. The widget will appear wherever you place the code:

<div id=”issw”></div>

What’s next for inSparq?

inSparq is regularly adding to new services, products and capabilities to its offerings.

From everyone here at inSparq,
Thank you for sharing!