Friday Five — February 8th, 2013

Posted February 08, 2013 by inSparq

Here’s our weekly recap of what happened this week in social commerce across the web:



1. Selling on Facebook Easier for Smaller Merchants via Practical eCommerce


The merits of selling goods on Facebook are a topic of much debate.





2. Android continues to lead in smartphone market share via Internet Retailer


New research from web and mobile measurement firm comScore Inc. shows that Google Inc.’s Android mobile operating system continues to dominate the smartphone market.





3. Top 100 brands see huge growth in Google+ and YouTube in 2012 via Econsultancy


This morning BrightEdge released their latest Social Share report focusing on social media adoption trends of the top 100 global brands. This quarter, they are focusing on Google with the latest on Google+ and YouTube.





4. Seesaw Decision-Making App Helps Ask Friends for Opinions via AllThingsD


The other day, I had a meeting with a startup founder at my office. We’d gotten a box of fancy chocolates, and I wasn’t sure which one to eat. So I took pictures of each of them and created a little poll to ask the general public to vote. Then, the other night, I was at Bed Bath & Beyond, and I remembered that my husband needed new razors, but I wasn’t sure if he used Mach 3 or Mach 3 Turbo. I took pictures of the two and sent him a quick note to ask, “which one?”





5. The Two Big Opportunities in Social Commerce [Presentation] via Social Commerce Today


Welcome to the trough of disillusionment folks.  On the Hype Cycle Every technology trend must pass through it on it’s way to the slope of enlightenment and productivity – including social commerce.  And we are in it now, with som mistaking disillusionment for the death of social commerce; big brand e-commerce stores in social media have shut up shop, and now the market leader in e-commerce software for Facebook, Payvment, has shut up shop too.

But don’t mistake the popped bubble of inflated expectations for the death of social commerce – we are just emerging onto the slope of enlightenment.

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