Trending Products Feed

Create landing pages optimized to show what products are trending on your ecommerce site, in real time. The Trending Products Feed can integrate into any ecommerce as a Trending Page onsite or as a standalone microsite. The same landing page can further be customized as a gift guide or community hub.

Benefit: Drives higher conversion rates and average order value by helping customers discover new products based on what other shoppers are sharing on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ and purchasing online.

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Trending Products Modules

Feature trending product recommendations throughout your entire ecommerce experience. Trending Products Modules help you to showcase trends anywhere on your site including the homepage, category pages and in email.

Benefit: Drives increased sales by engaging customers with trending products higher in their purchase journey.

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Sharing & Rewards

Offer shoppers incentives for sharing their favorite products on Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email and Pinterest. You can customize the Sharing + Rewards widget to your site’s design. The Sharing & Rewards widget can also be used as a Refer-a-friend solution.

Benefit: Helps catalyze social activity and drives sales by turning customers into brand advocates

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Actionable Analytics

Pinpoint your influencers and discover what drives your user engagement. The analytics show your most popular products, hottest trends and most influential customers.

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