Trending Product Engine

The Trending Product Engine is inSparq’s core technology that powers the Acquisition and Discovery solutions. It analyzes what shoppers share on social media and purchase on your site to spot product trends in real-time. Unlike “best sellers” that favor older products, inSparq’s trending algorithm surfaces dynamic product trends to help visitors discover what’s hot at the moment.

Acquisition: Marketing Toolkit

Drive traffic to your site and acquire more customers with powerful digital ads that highlight your trending products. Trending ads update instantly as your trending products change over time.

Email Marketing
Drive traffic to your site by featuring trending products in emails. Add trends to email promotions, transactional emails or send as standalone campaigns. Trending products update whenever the email is opened.

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Discovery: Product Recommendations

Showcase trending products anywhere on your ecommerce site to increase engagement, conversions and average order value. Trends enhance product recommendations by showcasing your most popular products and providing social proof to help encourage customers to buy. Seamlessly feature trending products on the homepage, category pages, product detail pages and shoppable landing pages.



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Advocacy: On-site Social Tools

Turn shoppers into brand advocates by offering incentives for sharing their favorite products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and via SMS and Email. Seamlessly integrate Sharing & Rewards programs on your site to increase engagement, drive traffic and collect emails.

Sharing insights are leveraged by the Trending Product Engine to analyze and spot trends.

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Optimization Services

inSparq clients are assigned a dedicated team to ensure that the implementation of the inSparq Solution is quick and seamless. The team will work closely with you to configure the Trending Product Engine and ensure all inSparq elements are designed to the look and feel of your site.

Optimize performance and inform your merchandising strategies with inSparq Analytics. Identify your most popular products and hottest trends, pinpoint influencers and discover what drives user engagement.

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